Presidents & Leadership

This page is dedicated to providing forms, information, and resources to unit PTA presidents.

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Burbank Council PTA

Below are links to information that has been distributed at the Burbank Council PTA monthly president and board meetings.

2020 – 2021 Burbank Council PTA Master Calendar

Unit President LIST Workshop Materials July 2020

Unit President Report Template

What to do when a board member is not fulfilling responsibilities

Running Your PTA Made Easy 2020 from CAPTA [COMING SOON]

Sample Agenda & Meeting Planner

PTA Position on Public School Employer/Employee Contract Negotiations

First District PTA

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California State PTA 

CLICK HERE to access the “Run Your PTA” section at

2020 Insurance & Loss Prevention Guide

Insurance Information for Leaders

PTA Job Descriptions

Access the Calfornia State PTA online Toolkit by clicking the link in the right margin of this page. The following are leadership excerpts from the Toolkit.

Running Your PTA

In both schools and communities, PTA volunteers are recognized as leaders and advocates. PTA includes an ever-changing set of volunteers, and developing leadership skills is an important step toward creating successful activities and programs and managing the business needs of the PTA.

For officers, chairmen, and program coordinators, the PTA provides opportunities for both students and adults to become effective leaders. Within this section, you will find tools designed to train new PTA leaders to serve effectively as officers and chairmen.



National PTA 

Local Leader Resource Page at

Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

National PTA Local Leader Kit