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Carol Briggs, President

Amy Kamm, 1st VP Leadership & Co-Webmaster

Vivian Morales, 2nd VP Membership

Lori Little, 3rd VP Legislation/Advocacy

Michelle Means, Recording Secretary

Kristina Balos, Treasurer

Teresa Marasek, Auditor

Wendi Harvel, Financial Secretary

Judy Crivelli, Historian

Chris Molaro, Parliamentarian & Co-Webmaster

Aylin Ghookhassian, Corresponding Secretary & My School is Cool Chairman

Kirsten Morris, Arts Education

Kristi Dadekian, Courtesy

Caroline Solberg, Directory

Brenda Burroughs, Founders’ Day

Nuria Lundberg, Outreach

Annette Fiol, PTAEZ Consultant / Archivist

Nancy Lozano-Stecyk, Reflections

Barbara Miller, School Facilities Oversight Committee (BUSD)

Traci Lalicata, Welfare