Let’s Talk March 2017

Q: This is from BUSD Board Policy (cf. 1) The Board shall adopt academic standards for dance, music, theatre, and visual arts that describe the skills, knowledge, and abilities that students shall be expected to possess at each grade level. Are these “skills, knowledge, and abilities” only articulated for high school students or are they articulated for all grade levels?  How can parents read about what a student is “expected to possess at each grade level”?

A: http://www.burbankusd.org/AFA/20334-Arts-Standards.html

Q: This is also from BUSD Board Policy. (cf. 6011 – Academic Standards) The Superintendent or designee shall develop a sequential curriculum for dance, music, theatre, and visual arts which is consistent with the state curriculum framework and includes the following strands:

Has this sequential curriculum been written?  Can parents see it?

A: Yes, we have written sequential standards based curriculum and all sites and teachers have and use it. Please contact Peggy Flynn if you would like to see it.

Q: How many students receive Speech Therapy services? How much is the budget for this department?

A: As of January 2017, there are a total of 826 students who receive some Speech/ Language Impairment (SLI) services (312 of those students have their primary eligibility as SLI). The 2016/17 budget for Speech / Language Pathologists (SLP’s) is $1,605,415.

Q: What is the policy on cursing in the classroom by a teacher? It seems to be happening in some classrooms in the middle and high schools. What is the policy on cursing by students?

A: Please talk with your teacher and/or your school principal if you feel that profane, vulgar, or abusive language is being used on school property.

Civility Policy http://gamutonline.net/district/burbank/DisplayPolicy/477252/

Policy for students: http://gamutonline.net/district/burbank/DisplayPolicy/477691/

Policy for employees: http://gamutonline.net/district/burbank/DisplayPolicy/477474/

Q: Some of our schools have quite a few children who do not live in Burbank and are here on permits. There are many who are good students and whose parents are engaged within the schools, which help their kids in school.  However, there are a number who tend to have excessive absences, tardies and/or behavior issues.  Are absences, tardiness, and bad behavior tolerated less with these students than with children whose home school is here in Burbank?

A:  Please see our permit application for the expectation of parents and students http://www.burbankusd.org/files/user/16/file/17-18%20Permit%20App-Eng%20final-Revised%20w-info.pdf

Q: Are there rules about individuals working in a part time or classified position (yard duty, school nurse, librarian, etc.) at the same school that their child attends?

A: No

Q: Why do we spend so much of our school district budget on that full color magazine/ propaganda piece?

A: We spend $0 on the SchoolNews magazine. It is a free way to share what is happening in our schools.