PTA and Public School Employer-Employee Negotiations

Public school employer-employee negotiations and/or disputes and disputes between bargaining units are very much a part of the reality of operating public schools. THE PTA MUST REMAIN NEUTRAL and MUST refrain from taking sides in all disputes. It is a PTA responsibility to provide opportunities for public understanding of disputed issues through sponsoring public meetings … Read more

California State PTA Issues Guidance on Student Walkouts and Marches

In an email sent on February 28th, 2018, California State PTA offered guidance and resources for local PTA leaders and members regarding planned student walkouts and marches. Please take a moment to read this important information: We’ve heard the voices of our members – the hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers, students, administrators and community ... Read more

Legislative Victories for Children and Families

This year, California State PTA took positions on more than 120 bills in the California Legislature, of which 34 were signed and approved – a huge win for all children and families. Each year, California State PTA takes positions on legislation that relates to education, health and welfare of children’s lives, as well as legislation … Read more