PTA and Public School Employer-Employee Negotiations

Public school employer-employee negotiations and/or disputes and disputes between bargaining units are very much a part of the reality of operating public schools. THE PTA MUST REMAIN NEUTRAL and MUST refrain from taking sides in all disputes. It is a PTA responsibility to provide opportunities for public understanding of disputed issues through sponsoring public meetings where all sides may present their views.

PTA speaks as an advocate for children and youth. It is a PTA responsibility to urge school board members, school district employees and negotiators on all sides to make the welfare of the students the first and ultimate consideration in all negotiations. PTAs must do this within the framework of California State PTA policies.

Please refer to the California State PTA position statement regarding public school employer-employee negotiations by clicking the linked document below or contact Burbank Council PTA President Carol Briggs at for more information.

California State PTA Position Statement on Public School Employer-Employee NegotiationsAdopted March 1974 – Reviewed and deemed relevant April 2015 – Education Commission