PTA Membership News

September is “PTA Membership Month” in Burbank Unified School District

Please join Burbank Council PTA in thanking the Burbank Board of Education for the adoption of Resolution 3, proclaiming the month of September 2017 as PTA Membership Month! PTA leaders and members were on hand on Thursday, September 7th, at the Board of Education meeting at Burbank City Hall to express thanks to the Board for recognizing the importance of PTA membership. Read the full text of the resolution HERE.

We thank all of our PTA All Star Members for their support!

YOU can join all 16 Burbank PTAs and PTSAs and become a PTA All Star Member TODAY! CLICK HERE for more information.

Books, Bears, and Buck$!

The Burbank Council PTA membership contest is underway!  All PTAs and PTSAs will compete against other PTAs/PTSAs in their category (elementary, middle and high school) for a variety of fabulous prizes.  Contest details and PTA membership marketing materials are available on the Membership Resources page. Contest ends October 1st. Good luck!!

You are Your Child’s Advocate

Make Your Voice Heard with Membership in Today’s PTA

Being a PTA advocate means lending your voice to issues that affect your child at home, at school, and in the community. With PTA, you are able to better share your ideas with other parents, teachers, school administrators and community leaders to become part of the decision-making process. Your voice matters!

Membership in PTA gives you access to resources, tools and help from other PTA members to create a strong voice to effect change for your child. Founded in 1897, PTA is the oldest and largest volunteer child advocacy association in the United States with more than 4 million members.

Speak up for your child.

Find out more at your local PTA meeting or online at