BUSDeNews: Grades for Parents/Students APP 

A note from the Superintendent’s office:

We have recently learned that some BUSD parents and students may be using the “Grades for Parents and Students (Vinh Troung)” app to access their student’s grades in Aeries Parent/Student Portal.  This app is not affiliated, endorsed, or authorized by Aeries (Eagle Software) or Burbank Unified School District We exercise extreme caution in granting access to your student’s information through the Aeries Parent/Student Portal. If you have used this app your Aeries Portal username and password are stored in the app causing concern and the potential risk of unauthorized access to your student’s information. There is also a concern about how your student’s information is stored and whether it is shared with third parties or advertisers.

Out of an abundance of caution, we encourage you to no longer use the “Grades for Parents and Students (Vinh Troung)” app and to change your Aeries login/password.